About Unity - Meet Your Business Growth Goals
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About Unity

Over 20 Years of Experience

At Unity, we work with many organizations to help them meet their growth goals.

Unity started in 1987 and over the years, evolved as our client’s needs changed. Having 20-years experience in the process-driven business models, we have developed a systematic approach to meet client’s business development needs. Our 3-step process quickly defines our client’s “reason for being” before developing growth strategies.


  • An analysis of competitors compares how you are positioned against your competition.
  • Detailed interviews with key constituents of your organization, allows us to gather information needed to better understand organizational structure, define differentiators, value propositions and competitive positioning that will assist in defining your brand. We also analyze the unity of your corporate culture.
  • After the interview process, the competitive analysis and compiling the results, a detailed report is created that will be used to create a executable growth plan and marketing road map.

Once the foundation is firm, everything can be built from there!

Why Unity?