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16 Jun Video Marketing by the Numbers

As I shared a few weeks back, video marketing increases sales and leads. If you're NOT using video and/or an online video editor to promote your organization, you're losing customers to those who do. Organizations that incorporate video marketing into their Marketing Attribution strategy see...

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23 Mar Forcing Ownership

In the last several weeks, I've talked about "ownership" and the need for taking it to become a more effective team member.  Forcing Ownership takes an intentional culture shift!  Personal ownership is a means to get things done and keep projects moving along.  In order to make this...

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02 Mar Taking Ownership

Part of my work in helping organizations grow begins with evaluating culture, interpersonal communication and challenging team members to take ownership. A great corporate culture revolves around internal “branding,” and starts with clear communication and expectations.  How many team members REALLY understand THEIR part in fulfilling...

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01 Feb Need for Change

As I’ve written over the last few weeks, as I assess organizations to help them develop growth strategies, I often run into organizational inefficiencies.  Even though I try and discourage organizations from hiring me if they don’t want to hear some “hard truth” (which always...

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