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30 Jun Effective Meetings

As I work with clients to improve operational efficiencies, one of the first things I challenge them with is taking a hard look at the effectiveness of their meetings.  Many times when I ask “WHY” they even have the meeting, it’s because they’ve always had...

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16 Jun Video Marketing by the Numbers

As I shared a few weeks back, video marketing increases sales and leads. If you're NOT using video and/or an online video editor to promote your organization, you're losing customers to those who do. Organizations that incorporate video marketing into their Marketing Attribution strategy see...

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07 Jun Storyteller and Leader

In the last two weeks, I've talked about inspiring others with your story and defining that story.  So, does being a good storyteller make you a good leader? Not necessarily, but if you understand good storytelling, you probably have a good understanding of yourself and...

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02 Jun What is YOUR story?

Last week, I wrote about why it’s important to get people motivated by YOUR STORY.  So, what is YOUR story?  Essentially, your story expresses how and why life changes to those who hear it. It begins with a situation in which life is relatively in...

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Tell.Your.Story copy

26 May Inspire with YOUR Story!

Are YOUR ready to take your organization to the next level?  Do YOU have an inspiring story that will help motivate growth?  Clients must be convinced to engage your organization's products or services, employees and colleagues to go along with a new strategic plan or...

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ISS Video Shoot

18 May Marketing with Video

At Unity, we have found that most of our clients need video to promote their organization.  In fact, there’s a lot of compelling evidence suggesting that online video marketing should be a major focus of YOUR promotional budget. If you haven’t started your own video...

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12 May Marketing Plan Mistakes

How good is your marketing plan? For starters, it should be written, not just “in your head.” Second, in creating that plan, you need to avoid these all-too-common mistakes: Just modify what you did last year. Yes, it’s smart to shift dollars toward what has worked....

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09 Mar How to Take Ownership

Last week, I wrote about what it means to take ownership of communication in your organization.  This is not a top-down leadership process, but something that people need to gravitate toward no matter where they fall in the “food chain” of their organization.  We ALL...

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02 Mar Taking Ownership

Part of my work in helping organizations grow begins with evaluating culture, interpersonal communication and challenging team members to take ownership. A great corporate culture revolves around internal “branding,” and starts with clear communication and expectations.  How many team members REALLY understand THEIR part in fulfilling...

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