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24 Feb Unity Success

It’s exciting to work with an organization who makes radical changes overnight (literally) to evoke positive growth that will have long lasting impact!  I’ve been talking to a pastor at a church in Charlotte about how I could help him for over a year now. ...

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Glückliches Business Team macht High Five mit den Händen im Büro

16 Feb Internal Marketing=Culture

We work with a lot of organizations to help them meet their growth goals.  One of the first questions we hear from prospective clients revolves around the latest and greatest marketing vehicles to deliver client messages.  On the other hand, one of the first things...

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08 Feb Measure Success

Does marketing work? According to many business owners, it doesn’t. I’ve met with one particular business owner in the past who had over 40 different promotional pieces and when I asked which one worked best, I got a blank stare. If your marketing is...

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Time management concept pointing finger

25 Jan Organizational Efficiency

In the past, I’ve talked a lot about managing your marketing in order to have explosive growth.  In reality, the preliminary challenge is to actually MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS!  To effectively manage your business, you have to be willing to be open to some critical feedback. ...

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Analysis Brainstorming Business Planning Vision Concept

18 Jan Better Managed Marketing

As I mentioned last week, you can have a great marketing plan, but if nothing actually gets out the door, you’re not marketing.  In fact, I will go as far as saying most effective marketing campaigns don’t rely on creativity as much as organization.  I...

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11 Jan Marketing: Just DO It!!

You can have a great marketing plan.  But if nothing actually gets out the door, you’re not marketing. Here’s an example: the president of a professional services firm invested a great deal of money in updating his brand and messaging. He also planned to update his...

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Team Unity for Business

04 Jan Unity in Business

Much more than a website! As businesses begin to make an effort to focus their messaging in order to improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs, the exercise also positively effects business practices and culture.  As team members start to have a better understanding of the...

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