Church Growth Process - Unity
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Church Growth Process


We begin our church growth engagements by assessing your weekly service, surveying your members, auditing current communications (both internal and external) and interviewing key leaders. Our goal is to make sure all these points are focused in the appropriate direction to help your church better minister to those you are trying to reach. This critical assessment process paints a clear picture of how we can help you move forward.


Once the foundation is solid, everything can be built from there!

Church Case Study

Here is our 3-Step Church Growth Process:

  1. Conduct an Assessment Process
    • Secret Shop a Sunday Service
    • Survey the Congregation
    • Interview Leadership & Members
  2. Develop a Communication Plan & a Growth Strategy
    • Tell YOUR Story
    • Target the RIGHT Audience
    • Develop a Detailed Growth Plan
  3. Implement your growth plan
    • Once steps 1 & 2 are completed, the growth plan can include any of the following tactical services:
      1. External Alignment
        • Creative Integration
        • Tactical Promotions:
          • Website Design
          • Graphic Design
          • Photography
          • Social Media Planning
      2. Internal Alignment
        • Human Development
        • Coaching/Mentorship
          • Staff Training
          • Management Coaching
          • Metrics Review
          • Team Building
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