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Effective Meetings

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30 Jun Effective Meetings

As I work with clients to improve operational efficiencies, one of the first things I challenge them with is taking a hard look at the effectiveness of their meetings.  Many times when I ask “WHY” they even have the meeting, it’s because they’ve always had that meeting.  The bottom line is that meetings cost money.  Sometimes A LOT of money. Like every other aspect of monitoring metrics, meetings should be measured for success and profitability as well.  What does a successful meeting look like?  Are the meetings you hold successful and measurable?

Here are several ways to improve your meetings to make them more effective:

  1. Make sure everyone prepares for the meeting and has a part to play, to make sure they are actually engaged.
  2. Create an agenda early, distribute it before the meeting and follow it during the meeting.  Make sure times are on the agenda and do everything in your power to follow that agenda.
  3. START ON time and END ON-time.  If anyone is missing, start anyway.  They won’t be late again!
  4. Make sure someone takes notes and assigns action items.  How many times have you sat through a meeting knowing that you already covered the same topics in previous meetings, but NO ONE had any documentation from the previous meeting?
  5. End the meeting with a recap and make sure everyone knows their assigned action items, as well as expectations on the delivery of those action items.
  6. Lastly, do a meeting audit and make sure it truly was an improved and efficient meeting.  Was it worth the time and money spent?

If you need help with operational efficiencies that will create a structure for your organization to grow, call the team at Unity!

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