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Forcing Ownership

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23 Mar Forcing Ownership

In the last several weeks, I’ve talked about “ownership” and the need for taking it to become a more effective team member.  Forcing Ownership takes an intentional culture shift!  Personal ownership is a means to get things done and keep projects moving along.  In order to make this a reality in your organization, the culture needs to shift more towards intentionality and accountability.  Different questions need to be asked (AND answered).  Who owns what and what are the next steps?  With this responsibility also comes a better understanding of personal capacity and a commitment to accountability.  Each communication needs to be coupled with a “call to action”  and an expectation (next step commitment).  Keep asking the same question…Who owns this and what are the next steps?  When you constantly keep the “next step” in mind, you keep things moving and you answer the question, What’s it going to take to get the project or task complete? 

I would guess that 20% (or more) of meeting time could be eliminated by having this type of intentionality.  Instead of rehashing tasks and projects that should have had been assigned ownership weeks (or even months) before, you can focus on NEW business while keeping the old tasks & projects moving ahead!

Is your team ready to be more productive?

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