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Need for Change

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01 Feb Need for Change

As I’ve written over the last few weeks, as I assess organizations to help them develop growth strategies, I often run into organizational inefficiencies.  Even though I try and discourage organizations from hiring me if they don’t want to hear some “hard truth” (which always entails some radical change), they seem to do so anyway.  The reason they do so, is that most leaders completely understand when I explain the theory behind restructuring and refocusing to improve operational efficiencies.  Where the process often runs off the rails, is when that same leader needs to look in the mirror and decide that THEY NEED TO CHANGE!  Inevitably, in order to evoke healthy growth, everyone on the team needs to look in the mirror and decide what they are doing to either evoke positive growth OR stifle it and most times changes need to start at the top!

The first place to start to evoke positive change, is to admit that you have a problem that needs solving.  When I coach leaders through a growth strategy, I find that very few that are my age (55) or older, are really willing to admit that THEY even have a problem.  Instead, they believe that most of the organizational issues revolve around other team members or circumstances.  On the other hand, younger business managers and owners seem to really want to grow; even if that means THEY have to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also worked with plenty of old-guys (like myself) who admit that they have some issues, but they are consistently a bit more hesitant to make the radical adjustments that it takes to have rapid results. 

The bottom line is that restructuring and refocusing YOUR organization in order to improve operational efficiencies takes some time in front of the mirror. Each person on the team needs to be vulnerable enough to welcome change.  When the team gets pliable, they can be molded into a healthy organization that can actually make quick adjustments that will lead to rapid growth.  When individuals are willing to go through the pain of growth, the organization will grow with them!

If you’re ready to make some changes that will allow YOU TO GROW, please call Unity!

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