Non Profit Growth Process - Unity
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Non Profit Growth Process


There are three common themes that cause mixed messages with non-profits:


People that are affiliated with the organization are delivering multiple messages on behalf of the organization.
UNITY can coach your team, including board members, to ensure they are delivering messages that are consistent with the organization’s core message. Even though it is not possible to control the messages that everyone will deliver, it is important to educate them to fully understand that everyone plays a role in communication AND fundraising. These representatives may be some of your greatest advocates, but they may also be your biggest liabilities if they are delivering the wrong message.


Ineffective use of marketing and social media to deliver an organization’s message.
Depending on only traditional channels to deliver your message is no longer an effective approach. Your audience has become increasingly dependent upon social media to obtain their information, so it is important that you utilize social media to deliver your message.
UNITY encourages organizations to look at the communications donors and prospects are receiving to reevaluate if they are connecting with the mission.


Fundraising campaign messages are not aligned with the organization’s core message.
Many nonprofit messages are NOT consistent, because they are not aligned around core principles. Consistency is often disrupted because multiple campaigns fail to be unified to the organization’s core message. Messaging that is inconsistent or fragmented results in donor and prospect confusion and ultimately in reduced donations.

Non-Profit Case Study

Here is our 3-Step Non Profit Growth Process:

  1. Conduct an Assessment Process
    • Audit Communication & Culture
    • Review Fundraising Efforts
    • Evaluate Other Non-Profit Organizations
    • Interview Leadership & Donors (as appropriate)
  2. Develop a Communication Plan & a Growth Strategy
    • Tell YOUR Story
    • Target the RIGHT Audience
    • Develop a Detailed Growth Plan
  3. Implement your growth plan
    • Once steps 1 & 2 are completed, the growth plan can include any of the following tactical services:
      1. External Alignment
        • Creative Integration
        • Tactical Promotions:
          • Website Design
          • Graphic Design
          • Photography
          • Social Media Planning
      2. Internal Alignment
        • Human Development
        • Coaching/Mentorship
          • Staff Training
          • Management Coaching
          • Metrics Review
          • Team Building
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