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About This Project




Based in Richmond, Virginia, Amurcon Realty Company markets and manages multi-family housing in 39 locations in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region, including about 4,400 units of conventional apartments, tax credit properties, rental retirement communities, assisted living for the elderly, Section 8 subsidized rental apartments, and apartments for the disabled. Amurcon handles all aspects of property management, including leasing, marketing, and maintenance. Each of Amurcon’s 39 locations had their own websites, branding and marketing plan and there was no brand-consistency between properties. Each property had it’s own marketing budget and they rarely pulled together to maximize their marketing efforts. The main website for the Amurcon home office was neglected, dated and not very effective.





UNITY initially produced a website for two of the 39 Amurcon properties. The management team was so impressed with the outcome of those first two projects that they suggested that UNITY work with ALL of the properties to bring cohesion to the brand. After capturing the leadership team’s vision through our assessment process, UNITY created a master-site theme, allowing Amurcon corporate headquarters to have a new and improved web presence. The UNITY team then developed a multi-site platform that could be used to create websites for ALL 39 properties. Each property now has it’s own URL and web presence and is a sub-site of the master Amurcon website.





The UNITY team became a pivotal in recreating Amurcon’s web presence and helping them upgrade their brand and streamlining their operational processes. Amurcon’s tenants can now pay their bills online and even submit repair requests on the newly design master site. Each of the 39 properties are now presented consistently with a similarly branded website. Each site cost a fraction of what they would have cost to do independently, because they were all created at the same time on the same platform. Amurcon saved thousands of dollars on their web development, brought their brand into alignment and even raised the quality of their customer service to their tenants through the UNITY process.