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Every Orphan’s Hope



About This Project




The HIV/AIDS pandemic had orphaned more than 15 million children in Zambia. Overwhelming though it was, Gary Schneider believed in his heart that through God all things were possible, so, he answered the God’s call and began to focus on Zambia to bring God’s Word and His hope to both the orphans and their communities and founded Every Orphan’s Hope (EOH).

The ministry began to grow at a rapid pace, but through the economic downturn, fundraising efforts had slowed dramatically by 2010. Unity owner, John Mizerak and his wife Molly had supported the ministry from the beginning.  In 2011, when Molly suddenly died of brain cancer, John donated her life insurance money to build an orphan home in her name in Zambia.  After experiencing an EOH mission trip himself (to build Molly’s house with his family), John immediately understood how the UNITY team could help the ministry create a strategy to evoke a growth pattern once again.





The UNITY team collaborated with the EOH leadership team to create a new messaging platform that could be used for all future promotional campaigns.  After capturing EOH’s vision through our assessment process, the UNITY team effectively organized a professionally enhanced marketing plan that raised the level of awareness and fundraising effectiveness. UNITY created a new website and design elements that were consistent in it’s writing and design and effectively “branded” EOH’s outreach program to be most impactful.





UNITY created a process that has positioned EOH for future growth, while at the same time, given them the ability to monitor and measure the most effective growth strategies. The “branding” process makes the EOH’s website more user friendly, which attracts potential new donors and is pivotal in enhancing positive relations with all their constituents. EOH now has a strong platform to build upon for future success!