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The Life Church



About This Project



The Life Church story began in 1999 with a small team and a big vision to make a difference across Northern VA for the glory of God. When TLC contacted the UNITY team, they had been in operation for 13+ years and had experienced nominal growth. TLC had just relocated to a new facility that allowed them to double their capacity and seat 600 attendees. They were finally positioned for positive growth! At that time, the church had no consistent branding and used numerous graphic designers and vendors to produce promotional materials. The website was simple, yet functional, but did little to attract the younger demographic desired to grow the church. Even though the senior pastor had a clear vision of TLC’s future, not everyone understood that vision and the path to attaining his goals was not clear.





The UNITY team assessed the growth goals of TLC and captured the vision of the leadership team. UNITY created and built a communication department for TLC that was able to implement the tactical promotional needs that were uncovered during the initial assessment phase. The communication department grew to 5 team members over the next year and became a pivotal part of the strategic growth and success of the church. All collateral pieces were visually branded and a consistent message was developed and used in everything from promotions to how sermons were positioned.





Attendees of TLC became more aware of the clearly defined culture and the volunteer teams grew exponentially, as the church experienced growth that exploded from 800 to 2500 weekend attenders between 2012-2015. UNITY created a process that allowed TLC to increase their visibility, firm up their mission statement and provided the means to expand their influence to other markets. The church has recently opened a Winchester campus and has plans to open a second campus in Prince William County in 2015.