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Storyteller and Leader


07 Jun Storyteller and Leader

In the last two weeks, I’ve talked about inspiring others with your story and defining that story.  So, does being a good storyteller make you a good leader? Not necessarily, but if you understand good storytelling, you probably have a good understanding of yourself and of human nature.If you’re a person who hasn’t really lived through something worth telling, the lack of authenticity will shine through quicker than the tall tale you may be spinning. The art of storytelling takes intelligence, but it also demands a life experience.

I read a great book lately that really helped me to more self-aware of how I am looked at as a leader.  I would highly recommend reading Leadership and Self Deception, Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute. Self-awareness will help you be a better leader AND is the root of all great storytelling. The more you understand your own humanity, the more you can appreciate the humanity of others and draw them into your story and help them make it their own. I would argue that the great leaders that author Jim Collins describes in his book Good to Great are people with a great deal of self-awareness. Great storytellers, as well as great leaders are generally humbled by trials of life and that humility makes people want to follow them. They see the humanity in others and deal with them in a compassionate yet realistic way. That duality makes for a wonderful leader and a wonderful storyteller.

As a successful leader, are YOU ready to rethink YOUR story and how to tell it to engage those you lead?  Unity can help!


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