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How to Take Ownership

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09 Mar How to Take Ownership

Last week, I wrote about what it means to take ownership of communication in your organization.  This is not a top-down leadership process, but something that people need to gravitate toward no matter where they fall in the “food chain” of their organization.  We ALL have influence over others.  We influence up, down and even sideways.  If you have influence over anyone…YOU’RE A LEADER! When you accept this fact, you should also realize that ownership of communication falls firmly on YOUR shoulders!  The first step of “ownership” when communicating is defining the “ASK.”

Just like we define our roles with job descriptions, we need to define expectations when dealing with projects and tasks. In order to take full responsibility (ownership), we need to ask a lot more questions.  Those questions will be the catalyst that focuses expectations. 

I see this disconnect play out in most organization’s meetings.  The leader of the meeting will mention something that needs to be accomplished and no one in the room grabs that task and takes ownership of it.  The meeting ends.  The leader assumes ownership was taken and in fact, nothing gets done and the same subject is addressed in a future meeting, sadly with similar results, while wasting a TON of TIME!  The team gets thrust into a never ending circle of frustration that is all started with a simple lack of ownership exchange!  I challenge meeting leaders to have something tangible in their hands during the meeting (like a water bottle perhaps) and when an idea is brought up, that water bottle is handed to whomever has taken ownership of that task of project.   

Are YOU ready to take “ownership?”

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