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Taking Ownership


02 Mar Taking Ownership

Part of my work in helping organizations grow begins with evaluating culture, interpersonal communication and challenging team members to take ownership. A great corporate culture revolves around internal “branding,” and starts with clear communication and expectations.  How many team members REALLY understand THEIR part in fulfilling the mission of YOUR organization? Every single member of the team has a part to play, but sadly most organizations don’t take the time to define those roles, or to redefine those roles as the organization evolves.  If the time is taken to define roles, YOUR team will start TAKING OWNERSHIP!  Taking and understanding ownership forces team members evaluate their capacity and should lead to improved communication, commitment, accountability and high-level effectiveness, efficiency & productivity.

This process starts by understanding your organization’s job descriptions and then evaluating every line of communication from verbal interactions to emails. If you honestly evaluate communication in your organization, you will find that most of that communication stays in a “gray area!”  To force things out of that “gray area,” and to evoke an “ownership mentality,” each person will be forced to ask more questions.  That is the first step to effectively take your tasks and projects to the next step and then ultimately to completion.  Commitment to that “next step” is a critical part to reaching the goals.  

Is YOUR organization filled with words like, “maybe,” “I’m not sure,” and “I’ll try,” or are people focused an “ownership mentality” that revolves around firm commitments?

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