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Unity in Business

Team Unity for Business

04 Jan Unity in Business

Much more than a website!

As businesses begin to make an effort to focus their messaging in order to improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs, the exercise also positively effects business practices and culture.  As team members start to have a better understanding of the marketing message that their company is trying to present, they also start to have a better understanding of the corporate culture.  Many times the corporate culture is never defined until the marketing messages are LoL refined.  It’s exciting to see our clients invest in this type of exercise, because it shows they really care about the authenticity of their brand.  The caring attitude of the leaders that we work with is then filtered through the entire organization and everyone gets excited about the direction and future of the organization.  If each team member gains an understanding of the grand vision of the top executives and really gets excited, they can’t help to share that excitement and in turn become motivated sales people for the organization.  Allowing the team members to be part of the branding process is vital to creating a team environment that can cross the barriers of management.  

In my business career, I have always tried to keep my team members involved in corporate decisions and vision casting.  I believe that I have always had one of the most dedicated teams because of that open mindedness.  My team have always felt that they are part of the future of the organization and their dedication to the success of the company soars.  I’ve been around a lot of other business owners that keep the vision and company goals tight to the chest in fear that employees might see how financially successful the company is and therefore ask for more money. That can become an issue online gaming, but if it does, I’m afraid you simply have the wrong players on your team. 

At Unity, we decided to take the principle of UNITY and apply it to all of our business operations. Our goal as a company is to help our clients to quickly go through the same process to have the biggest impact.  

Is your organization operating in UNITY? 

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