Why Unity - Incorporating Lasting Values and Ideals
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Why Unity

UNITY between workers and your organization’s brand can lead to vastly higher production; more importantly,UNITY and good morale leads to satisfied workers who will perform gladly, rather than simply out of duty or even lesser motivations. Good morale is a symptom of UNITY. It’s a mistake to think of businesses only being about making money. Pragmatically this is true, however, the best organizations tend to incorporate a higher “reason for being” which is usually more important than seeking for profits.


Wise leaders give their team members something to unite under. One of the foundational goals for leaders is identifying what’s really important to the organization and then incorporating those ideals as a rally point. For military members, service to country and the protection of personal freedoms are the ideals that unite them. While it’s hard to find better ideals than those used by the military, it’s necessary to use something similar to unite a team so people can feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.


When they feel that way, and are fairly compensated for their work, they will work hard. If an organizations leaders fail to incorporate lasting values and ideals into their daily operations, they are likely to lack the UNITY among their team to propel them to the next level of growth.