Unity Messaging
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What is Messaging?

Simply put, messaging is a term to describe how you talk about who you are and why you exist as an organization. It communicates key points you consistently make when you reach out to an audience. And it always ties back to your vision and mission. It’s YOUR story! A well-crafted message will highlight your unique benefits, target your audience, support your mission and often include a call to action.


All too often, organizations spend time and money developing their logo and the graphic look, but give only cursory consideration to their foundational message. Development of your message should be given at least equal time as the development of graphic elements. Your message should grab your audience’s attention, tells them how you can solve their problem, why they should trust you. Your message should “speak” to the audience in a way that more then tells them what you do, but instead tells them the benefit that comes with partnering with your organization.


This process starts with knowing the wants and needs of your target audience and ends by crafting a message that speaks to those areas in a compelling and believable way. The result of this process redefines your specific culture as well as builds an irresistible message that makes your audiences want to engage and grow with your organization.

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