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Winter Wonderland


14 Mar Winter Wonderland

Yes, today we are in a “Winter Wonderland” in the Northern Virginia area.  It was strange to lose an hour last Sunday, and for it to be light out past 7:30PM and at the same time have a classic late-season nor’easter hit our area (though I don’t think it brought the 12″ of snow it was supposed to).  When the snow comes, the DC area shuts down and everything gets quiet.  People are forced to take a breath and relax…a little bit anyway.  This calm (and my mom) reminds me to “smell the roses” (even though all the blooms are going to die from the extreme weather shifts).  Anyway, times like these give us a little break to reflect on what is important.

As I write my blogs about efficiency and ownership and why it’s important to be productive, people may take my advice as a challenge to simply pile more work on their plate and strive to get ahead.  I understand that perspective, because, in fact, that was my motivation for many years.  I started my business in 1987 with delusion that I was growing something for my family, but it was really all about me.  I groomed myself to work 100-hour weeks, as I squeezed out as much productivity as I could, while all along, I tried to convince myself that I was doing it for the betterment of my family.  I had to learn the hard way, as my “empire” came crumbling down in 2010-2011, that there is more to life than striving to get ahead and earning an extra dollar.  You just sometimes need a rock your world experience to gain that perspective!

Now, when I challenge clients to be more efficient, I do it from a new perspective.  Days like today remind me of that perspective.  I want people to be more efficient, not so they can work longer hours and produce more work, but so they can have time to do what’s more important to them.  Life goes by too fast to be focused on the wrong activities in life!  Take a breath today and relax, but learn how to be more efficient tomorrow, so you too can point your energy in a direction that has more eternal value!

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