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Marketing Plan Mistakes

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12 May Marketing Plan Mistakes

How good is your marketing plan? For starters, it should be written, not just “in your head.” Second, in creating that plan, you need to avoid these all-too-common mistakes:

  1. Just modify what you did last year. Yes, it’s smart to shift dollars toward what has worked. But what about tactics you haven’t tried – like content marketing, social media or local search?  These fresh tactics might actually outperform what you’ve done in the past. Plus, “marketing as usual” could tie your growth to tactics that are starting to fade.  Look at AdWords. Does PPC still make sense with studies showing that only 3% of online searchers ever click on paid listings?
  2. Copy what works for others. Marketing plan software can be a good starting point. So can using a sample plan from an industry Association. Word of mouth on what colleagues are doing can also be good. The problem is that you are you, not someone else.  You have your own strengths, vulnerabilities, differentiators and messages. You also have your own budget and business goals. It’s unlikely that someone else’s marketing plan is the right fit. Plus, will using the marketing plan “everybody uses” ensures that the money you invest in marketing will make you sound exactly like every other business in your space.

Bottom line: You need a written marketing plan that’s built to harness today’s best tactics and tailored for your brand, differentiators, and goals. If you can do it yourself, that’s great.  If you don’t have the bandwidth, outsource it to a group like Unity. The point is to do it. Because every day you’re operating without a plan or with a one-size-fits all plan, you’re spending more than necessary on results that are lower than necessary.

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